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Football Extras!

Pell City High School Homecoming

Sep. 23, 2016

Homecoming Parade 3pm

School will be dismissed 1pm

We will update 2017 schedules

as soon as they become available.

From a recent interview:

Responding to a question about what a student athlete's priorities should be.

Etheredge responded that his players are students first and athletes second.

"You know, we have a phrase that we go by around here, and it's 'Faith, Family, Football.'

-Faith is first and foremost, that relationship with Jesus Christ.  

-Family is about doing what is right within your family, which means keeping up your grades, doing what your parents ask you to do and honoring your mother and father in that way.

-Football is the last of the three because playing is a privilege you receive when and only when you take care of the other two first."

--Coach Keith Etheredge 2016